About me

I learned my trade from my Father, a clockmaker and repairer with a deft touch and exacting standards. Entering the family business in 1986 I quickly took to the workbench and relished the challenges of horology and all the nuances within. Now into my fourth decade of restorations I have branched out into dial and cabinet restoration using the same values that my grandfather, Stanley Neno, built the business on.

Established in the 1950's I am a third-generation horologist, located within the Cotswolds and dedicated to high standards at a competitive price and I offer general, easy to understand advice on clock setting-up and any other matters relating to time!

My client base includes people from all walks of life including the world of film, sport and the English aristocracy. Mass produced clocks made post 1960 I am unlikely to work on although contemporary quality pieces are the exception that proves the rule.

My advice is always free, just like my estimates.


David Neno

Tel: 07886 250341

E-mail: info@clockwise.me.uk