Workshop Protocols

I am a specialist in the restoration and repair of all types of antique clocks. I relish the challenges every single clock provides as they are all different, even the ones that look the same!

When I restore a clock I carefully remove the movement from its case, dismantle it and check for damage. I then clean the movement in fine solvents within an ultrasonic tank, rinse then dry and polish. All pivot holes are checked for wear after being pegged out and any worn pivots, pallet faces etc are refurbished. Parts that are too worn are hand-made where possible to preserve the value of the clock and its antique integrity. Only when I have checked everything possible do I re-assemble the movement and oil through with fine mineral oils and specialist grease for the mainspring. Clocks that require new lines are re-lined with the highest quality replacements. Every movement is extensively tested and timed before re-casing where the testing continues to make sure all tolerances are acceptable.

All this work is carried out by an expert who loves his job despite the bad back at the end of the day!

Work on the case of a clock will range from a light polish and re-wax to a complete restoration including use of appropriate veneers, french polishing and associated cabinet work. Dials can be re-silvered and repainted using traditional techniques and in keeping with the clock's original appearance. The free collection and free delivery service sits well with me and the high standards I strive for. 

Confucius said once apparently that if you choose a job you love then you will never have to work a day in your life. Despite not being fluent in Mandarin I know exactly what he meant - clocks are a labour of love for me and time well spent. 

Please note I do not repair battery-operated clocks, cuckoo clocks or torsion clocks.


Terms and conditions

Never pay me money upfront and always have the clock delivered and set up so that you are happy with it before you pay me. I do politely request payment by return/same day. Invoices outstanding after 7 days will attract a £50 surcharge plus interest at 10% pcm and any costs incurred to secure the outstanding debt. I've never needed to do this, my clients are generally lovely!

Repairs/estimates left with me for more than six months will be disposed of to cover my costs/free up space!


Returns are on a back to base basis unless otherwise agreed.